• Reservation King Poing

    Find the right place for you
    • A fancy restaurant for special event? A pub with good vibe?
    • Select for your occasion, type of food and your budget and we'll find your places.
    Real Information you never saw
    • No more same old informations and reviews you cannot trust.
    • Has good vibe? Tables too crowded? Even the shortcomings! "Detailed reviews" only in Reservation King!
    • Reservation history and Tips for reservations from real people!
    One click reservation 'round the clock
    • Anniversary came to you in middle of the night? In meetings? Whenever you can't afford a call...
    • Reservation King makes your reservation in one click around the clock.
    • Reminds you 3 hours and 24 hours before the appointed time.
  • PICSO : Pics or It Never Happened!

    Picso - Pics or it never happened.

    Picso is all new photo SNS based on amusing internet culture in Korea.

    • Post pics about you or anything around you.
    • Say cool or so-so on pics.
    • Create Picso Campaigns and see what your friends post.
    • Collect badges and display them on your profile page.
  • Bulletin

    Word of Mouth Starts Here
    • Post an ad if you want to spread the idea out.
    • Your ad spreads through friends network with speed of a bullet.
    Social Advertisement Platform
    • Recruiting, used goods selling, study group gathering, blind dating, etc.
    • Make an ad about anything you want to share with your friends.
    The Secret of 22500
    • 22500 Theory Video
    • The max number of friends that can be stay friendly is 150.
    • Bulletin makes you to reach 22500 friends of my friends.